Total Solution Provider

One-stop production system operation through plating / mold / stamping process

Fast Supply Maximum Satisfaction

Ultra-short lead customer customized sample providing system

The Base of Electronic Technology

The basis of electronic technology such as home appliances / industrial / energy / automobiles

Leadframe Expert , TSP

Leadframe specialized company accumulating technology for over 40 years (Since 1985)



As a leader in the semiconductor industry of the 21st century,
we are challenging the industry beyond technology.


Touching customers created
by R&D technology being centered

  • Leadframe

    Lead frame

    The excellence of the product is recognized by customers as a result of strong research on molded materials, product materials, and molded structure.

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  • Plating Roughening Treatment

    Plating technology

    Since it is not due to additives or alloying,
    it has the merit of improving adhesion through various deformations while maintaining the original properties of the plated metal,
    such as preventing the diffusion of the underlying metal.

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